This is top 10 ACTION manga.


  This is a manga about a guy who want to be a King of the pirate, his name is Monkey D. Luffy, usually called as Straw Hat. He goes to an adventure to find a treasure called One piece. He also tries to find his crew mate. Roronao Zoro, he is a swordsman. He decided to be a crew of Luffy's with some reason. Nami, she is first money robbert. She hated pirate. Then she meets Luffy and Zoro, she will be a pirate with them. A guy called Usopp, known as sniper king, he is really good at sling shot. He was a big liar until he met Luffy, Zoro and Nami. He will also be Luffy's crew mate. Vinsmoke Sanji is a good cooker, he was working at ship's restrant. Luffy met Sanji and invited to be his crew member, so he decide he will. There is a reindeer who can talk and transform. He is Tony Tony Chopper, he is a docter. He joins to be a pirate with Luffy too. Nico Robin, she can temporary copies of her body part. Everyone sold her. She meets Luffy and relized he will never sell her, she will also join. Franky rebuild his own body and turned him to a cola powered man. He build a ship and joined Luffy's crew member. Brook is a skeleton, he was alive as a human, but he got killed and live as a skeleton now. He join as Luffy's crew. There is anime too! Watch or read more if you ara instrest in it.


Dragon ball is about a guy called Goku. Goku is a main character in Dragon Ball. He is from planet Vegeta.

Fairy Tail is a story about mage, and one main character, his name is Natsu Dragneel. He is grown by a dragon called Igneel. He uses fire, he is a dragon slayer.

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Naruto is a story about......



Fairy tail is a story about a guy called Natsu. He is a mage who use a fire magic. He is rough, not good at listening and goog at fighting.  Lucy is a heroine in Fairy Tail. She use celestial spirit magic.


If you want to see few more of action manga look below.



                                                                                                  rosario vampire 2